Rescue - Who We Have Helped

"There’s nothing better than seeing the dog, dogs or puppies being transported, knowing that they are headed to a better life."


  • Newly rescued
Finn was about a one-year old Gold/White Border Collie/Canaan Dog. He was rescued from Coweta County Animal Control in Georgia. He had never been on a leash and was quite fearful of being on one. Finn stayed with us for about 6 weeks for training until he was able to go on transport to Vermont where he found his forever home.


Lucky is a 3 month old Boxer/American Bulldog mix. He was found on the side of the road, in shock after being hit by a car. We rushed him to the vet, and it was determined that he had two broken hind legs. One was a recent break, the other was older. He needed surgery immediately.

Dr. Shannon, in Jefferson GA was very kind and agreed to keep Lucky there for two weeks until he could walk on his own. I visited him daily and took him out and started building some trust. He was completely blank and shut down, but it didn’t take long for him to learn that food from a human is a good thing. He learned to nose-target and shake hands before he could stand on his own.

Lucky stayed with us for about 4 months to recover from his injuries, repair his separation anxiety and learn some basic manners. He truly is a “lucky dog”, as he found a wonderful home in Kennesaw, GA where he lives with a Boxer sister.

  • Before/After


Rex was an abandoned dog that nobody wanted. He was 25lbs underweight when we rescued him. I fed him good quality dog food adding Fastrack gradually to his food. It was easy to administer and within days, I could already see the change. One month later, Rex was back to normal healthy weight. He’s also went through heartworm treatment and Fastrack has been a lifesaver with the high dosage of antibiotics. Thank you Fastrack from Rex our foster dog.

Fido’s Advantage donated the high-quality dog food and the Fastrack Canine Microbial for Rex’s recovery.

“Thank you so much Janet for helping this boy!”

A Humane Society of Jackson County, GA foster Dog.

Janet was recently awarded the Paw Award for Service to the Humane Society of Jackson County, GA!