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What Is Diatomaceous Earth?
Diatomaceous Earth is the result of fossilized remains of a hard-shelled algae or diatoms. It is typically mined from freshwater lake beds but can also be mined from salt water beds as well. The freshwater diatomaceous earth is of a purer and fine quality than saltwater diatomaceous. The diatomaceous is then ground to a fine powder. Diatomaceous earth is used for many purposes from filtration to insecticide. In most forms, diatomaceous earth is not harmful to people or animals and on a daily basis people consume diatomaceous earth.

Important Notice: Feed ONLY Organic Freshwater Food Grade DE To animals.

What is Fresh Water Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?
Diatomaceous earth food grade is a common all natural mineral that can effectively be used to kill off a number of insects from fleas to ants. It is completely harmless to people and animals if consumed.
How Can Something that Kills Bugs Not Be Harmful for Me and My Pets?
Remember–Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth kills insects by PHYSICAL action—not chemical. Hundreds of the microscopic particles get all over the insects body. As the insects move, it scratches the waxy coating off of them and they dehydrate and die. Because the particles are so small–they cause no harm to people and pets. It is a simple mineral—silica.
I Have Heard DE is Dangerous--Especially Breathing It In...Truth?
Food Grade DE and Crawling Insect Control DE often get confused with filter grade DE. Filter grade DE starts out as food grade, but it is heated to about 1,000 degrees and chemicals are added to crystallize it. This works great for filtering but is dangerous to people and animals. Breathing the crystallized product in over long periods of time causes a disease called silicoses. The world health org. has said that DE needs to be less than 2% crystalline silica in order to be considered safe. The filter grade DE is 60% crystalline!! — Stay away from it — it is dangerous!! Perma-Guards food grade DE and Crawling Insect Control DE on the other hand is less than .50% crystalline silica. As you can see, that is more than 4 times less than it needs to be to be considered safe! Daily use of Food Grade DE for people, pets and around the home is perfectly safe as is Crawling Insect Control DE for all your bug killing. Both products should be treated like any other dusty product, if you are going to breath it in over long periods of time, wear a dust mask —- but it should in no way be compared to the dangerous crystallized filter grade.
How Much Should I Give My Animal?
The Following is Recommended Food daily doses for Dogs and Cats. The Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth seems to create an environment in the digestive system that parasites cannot live in. Also reported are great results with sore and painful hips and joints, and even a fuller, healthier shiny coat when given on a regular schedule added to your pet(s)’ food. Use daily for 30 days. Then follow with 5-7 consecutive days monthly, according to the chart below:

Animal Suggested Rate
Large Cats 1 teaspoon
Kittens 1/4 teaspoon
Dogs 100 lbs + 1-2 tablespoons
Dogs 50-100 lbs 1 tablespoon
Mini dogs 1/2 teaspoon

O.C. Collins, DVM, of Midland Animal Clinic and Hospital in Midland, Texas said, “In clinical observations of feeding dogs over 35 lbs. 1 tablespoon/day, and dogs under 35 lbs. 1 teaspoon/day, of diatomaceous earth, within seven days all ova disappeared from stools. Diatomaceous Earth controlled Ascarids (Toxocana), Hookworms (Anclyostoma caninum), and Whipworms (Trichuris vulipis).” Now who wouldn’t want this for their pets?

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