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What is Fastrack®? What does it do?

We know that proper nutrition and digestion help promote efficient health and performance in animals. Fastrack® formulas contain unique combinations of health-promoting bacteria, yeast, enzymes, vitamins, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and specialized proteins. FOS are nutrient sources that help increase the population of health promoting bacteria in the digestive tract. Specialized proteins aid the immune system to protect against disease-causing organisms. Basically, Fastrack® improves your dog’s ability to digest and absorb food. Many dog foods contain too much grain and grain by-products. Fastrack® helps animals efficiently use their meals. We have found dogs have better appetites, improved hair coat, more resistance to stress-related illnesses, better stools, and minimal gas.

Fastrack® Canine Microbial Supplement
This is a powder that is sprinkled over food. The ingredients include beneficial bacteria, live yeast, enzymes, and probiotics, which promote digestion and nutrient absorption. All of our dogs are given the Microbial Supplement daily. Fastrack® CANINE MICROBIAL GEL. Puppies and mature dogs benefit from this gel at weaning, whelping, showing, traveling, and during other periods of stress. I also give it to my dogs after immunizations, during antibiotic therapy, post-surgery, and when they have diarrhea. It now contains specialized proteins which in research conditions have shown effectiveness against parvovirus, E.coli and salmonella.
How many servings are in a 300 gm container of Fastrack® Canine Microbial Supplement?
There are 100 servings of one teaspoon each.
I will be breeding my dog. How can Fastrack® Canine Gel improve the puppies' health, and what is the dose?
Fastrack® Gel, given immediately at birth, provides beneficial good bacteria to the intestinal tract of the puppies. This boosts puppy health for greater physiological development and less stress at weaning.

Dose: Give 1-2 ml (cc) of gel at birth, day 4, day 7, then every 4 days until weaning, at which point you can use the Microbial Powder in food.

If at any time the bitch isn’t eating or is not thriving, give her a boost of Fastrack® Gel at a rate of 2-8 ml per day.

Can Fastrack® Canine Microbial Supplement be given to cats and kittens?
Yes. They manufacture a Feline product, but it is exactly the same supplement. Soon the packaging will be combined for cats and dogs.
What is the dose for cats and kittens?
Kittens and cats under 10 pounds: Give 1/4 tsp per animal daily.

Cats over 10 pounds: Give 1/2 to 1 tsp per animal daily.

Adult Dog Supplement
This vitamin contains chelated minerals, vitamins, Vitamin C (Ester-C) and Linoleic Acid. It is comparable to any high potency canine vitamin on the market. It also contains folic acid and calcium, so I like to give it to pregnant bitches.
Janet is an Independent Business Owner (IBO) for the Conklin Company, which manufactures Fastrack® products.  You can order directly from Janet. If you would like to learn more about the Fastrack® products, including ingredients and pricing, click here.

Product Testimonials

I want to thank Janet for introducing me to Fastrack® probiotic. It literally saved my dog’s agility career. And it has proven to save us money as well! Emma likes to drink dirty water — I know many dogs do — and we try to ensure there is no standing water for her to drink but we have an acre so sometimes that is difficult. Then when we would go to agility trials she would get sooooo excited that guess what? loose stools again. I tried pumpkin, sweet potations, dried coconut, Pepto and imodium — none of them worked.

Finally a friend of mine told me to contact Janet, which I did, and I purchased some Fastrack® for Emma. And I want to report that for the first time, I went to a trial where I wasn’t having to do some kind corrective “action” re her stool situation. And at home we no longer need to resort to giving her metronidazole for those times where she’d come close to dehydration.

Fastrack® has been a miracle for our beauty Emma. She’s healthier, happier and more energetic. Thank you Janet and Fastrack®.

Margo Blake and Emma Sue

Dear Janet,

I adopted a 4 month old shelter puppy that had lived in shelter care since birth. He had chronic diarrhea, cocci, clostridium and rods in his stool. Since having him on Fastrack® he has gotten much better. The levels in his stool have gone down and he is not having diarrhea which a huge plus. I feel that Fastrack has been beneficial in aiding his gastrointestinal tract and I’m sure it will continue.

Rebecca Myers & Vinny pup

Gainesville, GA

I have had both of my golden retrievers on Fastrack® for over a year now, and they both are doing great! Their fur coats are soft, thick and full. When I started them on Fastrack®, my male golden was always very itchy during allergy seasons, and in the summer he would get hot spots because of the itching. Back then, I had to give him Zyrtec for his allergies and treat his hot spots all summer long. Since he has been on Fastrack®, he no longer gets hot spots, very rarely scratches or licks his skin, and doesn’t have to take any Zyrtec for his allergies at all. The product is wonderful, and is keeping my dogs very healthy inside and out!!!

Lynne Flater

I have a 1 year old PBGV male puppy who had a very limited appetite. Structurally he is excellent and he moves well; however, given his lack of body weight he is not competitive in the ring. He frequently takes Reserve even in a large group of competitors; the only thing holding him back from winning is his lack of body weight.

He gets the best in food sources and I have tried many different alternatives, even cheese, yogurt, chicken and steak! What dog doesn’t eat and enjoy grilled steak? No interest!

I tried the Fastrack® Canine gel you recommended and he became interested in eating within 24 hours; now three days later he is still eating. Love the product!

Denise Meehan


I began giving my Border Collie, Traja, Fastrack® after she had a very serious pancreatitis attack. She had long recovery but did recover. She turned 15 years old on May 13th, 2012. She is a very bright dog and I know that the Fastrack® is the main reason she is doing so well. She follows me wherever I go and just seems to enjoy every moment of her life. Thank you for making such a marvelous product. In fact I now have all 3 of my Border Collies on it.

Claudia L. Sonnenberg

Watertown, WI

My Yorkie Beau suffers from seasonal skin allergies. He would start itching around August and by October he would have bare spots on his backside.

We tried everything, including steroids. Nothing worked. Last May while at a trial, I talked with Janet and decided to give Fastrack® a try.

Beau has been on Fastrack® for nearly a year now. There have been no signs of unusual itching. His coat is looking really good. If you are having trouble with skin allergies, give Fastrack® a try.

Joyce, Glenn and Beau

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