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Training and Learning for the Growth of your Pet
Training Choices and Rates

Stimulating dogs mentally keeps them happy, healthy with a strong connection to you.

Basic manners and obedience is something we all want from our dogs. Sometimes we expect those behaviors to just be born into the puppy or adult dog we just adopted, found or purchased.

I often hear people say  “ but my “Insert your dogs name”, never did that!”

My answer to that is, “He/she most likely did do that, but we only remember the great dog they have become.”

The mind is a wonderful thing, replacing all the past “bad” memories with all the “perfect” behaviors of today.

Dogs live in the moment; therefore, lessons need to be reinforced throughout their lives.

That being said, the following principles are the foundation for my training and how I will teach you.

1)  Each and every animal you get, any age, needs to be given a clean slate in your mind. (Don’t compare)

2)  ALL behaviors need to be taught as if they have never been taught. (Don’t make assumptions)

3)  All members of the household need to be on the same page (Be Consistent)

4)  Create a connection with your dog by taking the time. (Create a Bond)

My training concept

I will teach you my “Three C’s” of Training


Your dog reflects your reactions. If you react calmly, your dog will mirror that behavior. Same goes for the opposite. If we want our dog to show control and calm, we need to display this through our behavior when training.


All members of the family must be on the same page of music. Dogs are very black and white. Inconsistency is very “grey” and this is very confusing for your dog. Therefore, for your dog’s complete understanding of concepts, consistency in all areas is key.


To connect with your dog, it must come from your heart, instead of your mind. Teaching your dog to make a choice and giving them the opportunity to try without hurtful consequences, builds connection and communication.

Training Rates

Initial Consultation $65

Hourly Rate $45/hr or $30 1/2 hour

 Buy 4 hours ($155)

Rescue / Foster Special
$100/4 lessons (30-60 minutes each)*
Buy 4 hours ($135)
*Package must be purchased within 30 days of adoption, limit one set of 4

All Packages have an 8 week expiration

Contact Janet for Package Price totals
Payment below is for Initial Consultation:

Training Choices

1) Manners, house and crate training through obedience-based games

2) Obedience tailored to Individual needs

3) Nosework for Fun