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Food for your pet is very critical to their overall well-being. What you give in the front end (food and supplements), will result in what you get or don’t get on the back end (health and well-being or illness and vet bills).

In an ideal world, our animals would eat what they did before we domesticated them, but that is not realistic in our world. Giving our animals the best that we can will vary greatly between owners because of budget, accessibility and education.

My goal is to educate you as to what is best for your pet, and work within your budget and needs to provide a working plan for you both.

I provide food education and consultations by private appointment. All appointments must be made by Contacting me and prepaid via my PayPal portal.


In my opinion, there are 3 Core Supplements that all dogs and cats should have added to their diet:

1. Probiotic (formulated for animals)

My recommendation for a proven probiotic, specifically developed for animals is Fastrack® Microbial Supplement.

Almost 90 percent of an animal’s immune system is located in the wall of the intestines. Without the digestive tract microbiome, the immune system cannot function in a balanced, healthy fashion. Allergies or intolerances often start in the gut and are the result of an imbalance or leak in the microbiome.

These microbiomes help dogs and other animals digest food, absorb nutrients, trap heavy metals and carcinogens to pass through the stool, manufacture essential vitamins and anti-inflammatory proteins. Among many other beneficial effects.

2. Joint Supplement

I recommend Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement for Small Animals, and Top Form Joint Supplement for Horses.

It is recommended to start supplementing your pet at about 6 months of age as a preventative and proactive approach.

Starting your dog or cat with a joint supplement can help prevent degenerative changes in the joints as they age. The central feature of degenerative change in joints is loss of glycosaminoglycans from articular cartilage. The availability of glucosamine (as provided in Supreme Top Form Joint Supplement) is a rate limiting step in glucosaminoglycan synthesis.

3. Diatomaceous Earth Powder (DE Powder)

I recommend Grandpas Diatomaceous Earth for all of your animals and environmental needs. There are so many uses for DE powder, but the most crucial application I have found is to rid and prevent your pet from harboring harmful microbes and parasites in their intestinal tract.

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Food and Supplement Consults

From my vast experience and knowledge I can work with you to help you learn what foods and supplements are appropriate and best for your dog, taking into consideration your budget.

Included in the consult will be teaching you to read and understand dog food labels and deciphering the “marketing buzz words”.

Common conditions of dry skin, itching, gas are all signs of foods not being utilized properly by the body, to poor intestinal balance.

Food/ Supplement Consults – $35/hour

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