Janet Caldwell, RPH

Founder of Fido’s Advantage

I am a Georgia and Florida Registered Pharmacist since 1982 and have been training and showing dogs in Obedience, Agility, Herding and NoseWork since 1989…

My love of dogs started when I was a young girl. I realized that I had a special communication with them. In the late 1970’s at the age of 12, I got my first dog.  Duchess was a Pointer Mix, and she was all mine. I walked her to her wellness appointments and took her to obedience school. Duchess piqued my interest in dog nutrition due to her skin problems, and I intuitively knew that this was a result of poor food. In an attempt to manage this without steroids and huge vet bills, I was gifted the book “Dr. Pitcairn’s Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats“.

I was studying to enter pharmacy school at this time, so I began to dig into the study of nutrition in dogs. I soon learned how deficient in nutrients commercial dog foods really are, so I began supplementing per Pitcairn’s Guidelines.  Soon, Duchess’ problems improved, and she lived a long, healthy life to the age of nearly sixteen.
My dogs are a part of the family, which is why attention to all aspects of food, exercise/training and bodywork are an integral part of their every day lives.

At the beginning of the era of “premium dog foods” I got my next dog, a Dalmatian, B.B. She, as well, was plagued with skin problems. My research and experimentation with supplements intensified, driven by my professional training, as well as my own health consciousness.

Now with more than 30 years of dog nutrition experience over the lifetimes of six dogs working in competition obedience, agility, and herding, I am focusing on sharing my expertise. Armed with my Pharmacy and Dog Training background, I am specially equipped to help you select products to get the best from your dogs — in performance and health.

The health and well-being of animals was my mission in founding Fido’s Advantage.

The main criteria for these products is that I use them on my own dogs and because they should be used every day, they must be cost effective.
Competing in obedience quickly proved that, like human professional athletes, the difference between top contenders is mental.  I learned an incredible amount from my mentor, Author and Trainer Kathy Santo.  We trained together for over six years until she moved back to New Jersey.  It was then that I started training solo and founded Treasure Coast Canine College in Stuart, FL from ’95-’99.  I then moved on to focus specifically on Agility and Sheep Herding. You can find more information on my dogs and titles here.
We don’t compete often now, as I am focused on my clients’ dogs. I volunteer for several Rescue Transport Organizations that provide transport for animals in need throughout Georgia, South and North Carolina. These organizations set up transport groups on Facebook and other social media sites, operating Transport Runs to help save dogs and cats from high-kill shelters and humanely get them to locations across the country to find them appropriate homes.