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Welcome to Fido’s Advantage

Fido’s Advantage was born to help clients by bringing Balance to the Mind, Body and Spirit of their pets.

In doing this, I am raising money to assist animals in need, while helping people improve their relationship with their animals through better nutrition, exercise, and communication. This fund is called “Fido’s Angels”. Fido’s Angels’ mission is to fund transportation, nutritional support, and training to dogs and cats in need. All proceeds from products sold or services provided on this site are deposited to a special account for Fido’s Angels.

Innovative Balance for Your Pet by Applying our Principals of:


Food, Supplements, Regular Bodywork by a Certified Practitioner


Training and Learning for the Growth of your Pet


Energy Work and Communication assisted by a Qualified Practitioner


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The World Leader for Over 30 Years in Direct Fed Microbials

Supreme Top Form®

Pure. Proven. Effective and Economic Joint Supplement for your Dogs and Horses

Grandpa's Diatomaceous Earth®

All natural, for the health of your dog, inside and out.